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Men and women who have never struggled with a substance abuse problem may think that going through a course of drug rehab is the hardest thing they could ever do, but individuals with a history of drug or alcohol abuse know better. They know that relapse prevention can be a much more difficult struggle than drug rehab itself, and they know that staying off drugs is a lifelong struggle and not a short-term process.

Relapse prevention is even more difficult than getting off drugs in the first place. That is why the Drug Treatment Centers Albany make relapse prevention a central part of the services they offer. Our drug counselors understand how important this is. They build relapse prevention into the services they offer, and they provide the addiction aftercare services men and women need to maintain their newfound sobriety for a lifetime.

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What is Relapse?

Preventing relapse is one of the most critical – and difficult – parts of any drug rehab process. It is one thing to help wean an individual off of drugs, but it is quite another to help them stay drug-free for a lifetime.

Staying drug-free is at the heart of any relapse prevention program. Relapse takes place when the individual returns to their old ways – using drugs and alcohol the same way they did prior to going into rehab or completing a course of residential drug treatment.

What Are the Stages of Drug Relapse?

Drug addiction rarely happens overnight, and neither does drug relapse. Men and women do not decide to relapse overnight, and if family members are able to spot the early warning signs they may be able to get the individuals the help they need. In some cases, they can stop the relapse process in its tracks and help the individual stay drug-free.

Relapse typically starts with emotional and mental symptoms. The individual who has been drug free for years may start to crave the drug or think about hanging out with their old friends. They may start to associate with people who use drugs, and they may attend parties where drugs are freely available.

Even if they do not indulge in drugs like in the old days, the relapse process is already underway. The actual physical relapse, in which the addict goes back to his or her old ways, is the last step of the process.

How Do Drug Treatment Centers Work to Prevent Relapse?

Drug Treatment Centers Albany work hard to prevent relapse in the patients they treat. We do this in a number of different ways, from providing ongoing addiction aftercare and counseling to helping family members and friends spot the early warning signs of drug use or relapse.

Our staff can also help patients gain the coping skills they will need to stay off drugs long-term and avoid dangerous relapses. Coping skills are important when preventing relapse, and the right counseling can make all the difference in this regard. Many substance abusers and drug addicts lack the coping skills needed to deal with emotional challenges like the loss of a job or the breakup of a relationship. As a result, they may turn to drugs to deal with these challenges. Drug counseling can provide men and women with the skills they need to overcome life’s challenges without resorting to drugs or suffering a relapse.

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