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Drugs and alcohol can exert a powerful hold on addicts and substance abusers, but the best drug treatment centers can give men and women the coping skills they need to overcome the addiction and stay off drugs for the rest of their lives.

Not all drug treatment centers are the same, and it is important for anyone struggling with a substance abuse problem to choose his or her rehab options carefully. Drug Rehab Centers Albany provide medical detoxification services to help wean addicts off of drugs, but we also provide the ongoing counseling and addiction aftercare services needed to help them stay clean for the long-term.

If someone you love has been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Drug Rehab Centers Albany at (518) 626-8502.

What is Drug Treatment?

Drug treatment encompasses a number of different rehab processes, and it is important for substance abusers to choose the right rehab centers based on their specific needs. For men and women suffering from a physical drug addiction, medical detoxification may be the best choice. This process starts with a thorough examination of the addict, then helps wean them off drugs while seeking to minimize the sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms.

For those with an addiction to alcohol or a problem with alcoholism, the 12 step process may be the most effective. This process is designed to provide ongoing counseling services for the problem drinker, along with the support of others who have struggled to overcome their own issues with alcohol.

What Are the Signs That Someone Needs to Seek Drug Treatment?

The earliest signs of a drug or alcohol addiction can be subtle, but if you look closely you will be able to see them.

The addict may become more secretive, attempting to hide their problem from friends and family members. They may experience problems on the job, perhaps having difficulty keeping a job or maintaining steady employment. They may struggle with their social and romantic relationships as the addiction to drugs or alcohol starts to take hold.

What Are Some Drug Treatment Options?

When the individual with a substance abuse problem does seek treatment, they will have a number of choices to select from. It is important to choose your rehab options with care and to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

For some substance abusers, residential treatment may be the best choice. A residential treatment center is able to provide the kind of intensive counseling needed to wean individuals off drugs, along with the addiction aftercare and support services needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

At Drug Rehab Centers Albany, we also offer medical detoxification services, which seek to minimize withdrawal symptoms and maximize the chances of a long-term cure. In other cases, counseling may provide the support needed. We work hard to create a plan specific to the needs of every patient.

Other substance abusers may benefit more from an inpatient facility in a local hospital or clinic. This kind of treatment can be very effective at helping addicts get off drugs and stay clean for a lifetime.

In other cases, the addict may benefit more from a combination of outpatient services and ongoing counseling. No matter what the choice, tailoring the treatment to the needs of the individual patient is the best way to ensure long-term success.

This approach to lifelong sobriety is an important consideration when choosing a drug rehab center, since staying off drugs can be a lifelong struggle. Drug addiction does not happen overnight, and neither does getting off drugs. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany at (518) 626-8502 to learn more.

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