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Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany NY offers a free advisory service to help you or your loved one struggling with addiction and may receive compensation from Featured or Sponsored listings.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany specifically, is an addiction program tailored exclusively for persons afflicted with the disease of alcoholism. Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany is open to those that abuse alcohol on a consistent basis, and struggle to control their alcohol use which negatively impacts their lives legally, financially and socially. Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany is a full-scale treatment program that encompasses different types of behavioral and psychological approaches, appropriate medical care, counseling, and therapeutic modes of intervention for the well-being of the alcoholic. Our treatment program is designed with the patient’s needs in mind. Often alcoholics fear recovery because of lifestyle changes or because past attempts have been unsuccessful however, Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany offers multiple programs to help addicts find the one that is. Additionally, we help our patients ease into the adjustment of lifestyle changes and find new ways of enjoying life without the use of substances of abuse. Call use today and begin a successful program with us at (518) 626-8502.

What is alcohol abuse?

Alcohol abuse is a forerunner to addiction; alcoholism. Alcohol abuse effects chemical functions in the brain. Signs apparent in the abuse stage are largely behavioral and psychological in nature: a loss of inhibition, changes in personality, rambling conversation, impulsive actions, and mania that may be exhibited as extremely positive or negative. Noted physical signs may be slurred speech, loss of balance and coordination, relaxed facial muscles, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism respectively are “alcohol abuse disorders.”

The DSM IV uses four symptoms of behavior to define alcohol abuse:

  • Social problems: Backing-out of activities, poor attendance at work.
  • Legal problems: Arrest, DUI or DWI, Divorce, Eviction.
  • Hazardous use: Drunk driving, Drinking while operating machinery, etc.
  • Role impairment: Not fulfilling your duties as a parent, letting friends and family down, not “showing up”.

How does alcohol abuse transition to addiction?

Alcohol abuse evolves into alcohol addiction through growing tolerance. As the effects of alcohol impacts the brain, changes occur for which the brain eventually adjusts its function. The brain then becomes dependent on alcohol to maintain the new balanced state, but continually adapts and adjusts its function, and therefore needs increasing amounts of alcohol to achieve the effect that the alcoholic desires. The result for the person abusing alcohol is that they are unknowingly evolving into addiction as their brain suffers damage.

Secondary addictions (such as a gambling or sex addictions) are more likely to develop as a consequence of the unrestrained behaviors and poor judgment noted with alcohol use.

Secondary conditions are also noted at times as “substitute addictions.”  Substitute addictions are used to replace habitual aspects of an addiction that has been discontinued. Secondary addictions are considered less destructive than drugs or alcohol, but can still come with negative attributes. Two common secondary addictions seen with abstinence of substance abuse are smoking and caffeine. Substitute addictions can become a trigger for relapse.

Forms of Alcoholism Treatment offered by Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany

Therapy for addiction, which is also referred to as behavioral therapy is an effective form of treatment, which allows individuals to reflect upon and modify behaviors, attitudes and circumstances that lead to addiction. Behavioral therapy offers incentives to stay drug-free in a positive environment. Examples of different methods used include:

Behavioral therapy – This model of treatment was designed to help prevent relapse to drugs or alcohol. Behavioral therapy assists people who are addicted to drugs by teaching them to reconsider the way they think, build coping strategies and reward positive behavior.

12-step facilitation therapy – This model of therapy is used to primarily engage an individual in a program that promotes support and self-help. This allows the addict to take part in a positive environment, while also recognizing that he does not control the addiction but vice versa.

If you, or someone you know, needs help or information please call Alcohol Treatment Centers Albany at (518) 626-8502. We can help.

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